We offer a wide range of consultancy services to integrate sustainable solutions in buildings. With a broad experience in environmental and passive design, we provide design advice to achieve thermal comfort and reducing energy demand and CO2 emissions.


We assess the environmental implications of site and microclimate, the demands and opportunities of the thermal environment, and evaluate the feasibility of low carbon design strategies to promote thermal comfort and energy efficiency in buildings and urban/rural environments.

At design stage, Naturalcooling Ltd can provide expert guidance on environmental design strategies, performance prediction and detailed design with particular reference to natural ventilation and passive cooling techniques.

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The prediction of performance is vital to provide confidence in the viability of particular strategies from the earliest stage in the design process. We employ a range of tools and techniques to evaluate performance.

To ensure that the envisaged strategy is embedded in the building, Naturalcooling Ltd provide detailed design advice and guidance on specification for tender documents.